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[☄] except i guess a door
"And how does -- oh! Oh, Pascal, look, the little light is on. Do you think that means it's going?"


"Well, how was I supposed to know that? Um -- Hello! This is Rapunzel. Please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as I can! I hope you have a wonderful day!

How was that?"


"Well, I thought it was very nice. How do I turn this -- "

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Room 322 [Friday afternoon]
[☄] hanging on your every word
It was sunny! And warm! And by all rights, Rapunzel should probably be outside right now, except that the mood to paint had struck her swiftly and without remorse. Her mural was so very close to done, but there was still always work that could be accomplished on it -- she'd thought for years that she'd run out of room on her tower walls, until she moved a bit of furniture or something and lo and behold, a whole space opened up!

So Friday afternoon found her with her door and window open, hair hanging out the window to blow in the breeze as she painted. She was also singing to herself, little snatches of song that probably didn't make a ton of sense by themselves, but she was in too good a mood to go look up the exact lyrics.

And too busy pushing her bed out towards the center of the room. (She'd push it back, after, gosh, but there was valuable painting real estate back there!)

[door and post are both super open!]

Room 322 [Monday evening]
[☄] *boreds*
Winter had always been exceptionally easy on Rapunzel, all things considered -- she was fine with staying indoors, since she always stayed indoors. But this winter had proven a little more difficult, since now she knew how much fun it was to build a snowman (answer: so much fun!) and what snowflakes felt like on your eyelashes.

But now...freshly back from Mexico, Land of Warm and Sunny, Rapunzel was facing a much more common reaction to winter in March: impatiently waiting for it to end. She'd lingered by her window until she couldn't feel the tip of her nose anymore (maybe 'lingered' was a generous way of putting 'pressed her nose against the glass'), until finally settling down onto her bed with a bored sigh.

Pascal wandered over eventually to help her turn the pages of the book she was working her way through. No, seriously, even he couldn't come up with something better to do.

[waiting for a couple people specifically, but open with the caveat that my brain barely works anymore today and I might just keysmash-ping at you. eta: cool to say who came by but Rapunzel's powers are nfb please!]

infopost of "i wasn't gonna, but then i did"
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I was so not going to do an infopost, but then I had to find something to do for a whole hour by myself, so. I have no newbies, so here, have some updates on the existies! (That's a thing I just made up, sure.)

Rapunzel, the Lost Princess of CoronaCollapse )

Celia Bowen, the IllusionistCollapse )

Irene Adler, the WomanCollapse )

Cheryl Tunt, the HeiressCollapse )

Sookie Drake and Rory Skywalker, the Ladies Who Don't Live HereCollapse )

Erin, the TinyCollapse )

Room 322 [Friday afternoon]
[☄] if i have time to spare
Rapunzel had been to the library, and as a result, Rapunzel had a very odd assortment of books spread out on her bed today -- she'd found plenty of novels for herself, but also art books! After her visit to the museum with Barry the day before, she'd needed to find more on Degas and Cassat, and she was kind of fascinated by how much her little blotchy paintings...kind of looked like theirs.

But, most importantly of all, Rapunzel had grabbed a bunch of beginning reading primers, which she'd stashed under her bed for when she'd need them, along with a small chalkboard and some chalk to work with. There was no reason to keep that stuff out where Anders or anyone could just spot it, and she'd made a promise about discretion that she intended to keep.

All the same, Friday afternoon found her sprawled out on her bed, peering from the glossy prints of paintings in books up to her own wall. "I'm an impressionist. Who knew?"

Pascal gave a little whirr from her nightstand, which could either mean, "I did!" or "No one cares." Kind of a coin-flip.


Room 322 [Wednesday afternoon]
[☆] i'll paint the walls some more
With the start of the new semester (was that the right word? Rapunzel still wasn't entirely sure) came the realization that she'd been here for a whole summer. And that was kind of crazy, right? Like, Rapunzel had been here, on this island, where she'd come by mistake, for four months.

And maybe even more amazing than that was that no one had tried to kidnap her, or steal her hair, or cared about her hair at all, really. People knew what it could do, and they didn't care, and there were even people who seemed to like her okay without even knowing what her hair did at all!

Which reminded her that there also didn't seem to be any men with pointy teeth around. She'd investigated at least one really thoroughly, and the rest looked okay by sight.

And all of this had Rapunzel wondering if, you know, maybe Mother was wrong about a lot of stuff, and maybe she should have left sooner, and --

...and that train of thought was a really scary one. So, rather than think, today, Rapunzel was humming to herself as she worked on the mural in her room. She left the door and window open -- one for possibly company, one for the breeze -- and set to work putting the finishing details on the little cat Anders had requested be part of the mural. (It had taken her kind of awhile to find just the perfect spot for a kitty, okay?)

[open door and post, expect SP from meeeee!]

have an infopost!
[☁] it can probably smell fear
Not that I have any newbies, but you know what I do have, right now? Tons of free time at work and access to Tumblr for gifs. So.

the lost princessCollapse )

the illusionistCollapse )

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And I don't feel like doing my alums right now, but I might later. They're both very nice ladies who married their high school sweethearts and don't get out enough because I'm a terrible person.

Speaking of:

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[ooc] Raise your hand if you're getting drunk on a boat this weekend.
[☆] we can say it's a thumbs up sure
(Rapunzel's not raising her hand, but she approves of me having fun, okay.)

Anyway! I am leaving tonight (as soon as I can get out of my hellaciously busy work) to go to have a weekend on the lake! There's a really, really strong chance that I will turn my phone off once we get there (see above re: hellaciously busy work), so if I owe you a ping, I'm about to thrust you into super-SP that will be picked up Sunday night at the earliest, unless I get especially bored because people are playing Magic cards or something.

Anyway! Celia's all banged up and owie and sleeping that off this weekend, Rapunzel's doing whatever she does when I'm not looking at her, and Cheryl's probably doing horrifying things to her body.

OMG VACATION. *collapses*

Room 322 [Wednesday afternoon]
[☆] i'm sure there's room somewhere
Once again, Rapunzel was painting with her door open, though today she hadn't yet committed to hanging herself up in her hair to get to the difficult-to-reach places. Instead, she was taking advantage of the nice (if cool) weather and had hung her hair out the window, letting it swing a little in the breeze.

This actually gave her quite a bit more space to move, not to mention it allowed for the paint smell to dissipate a little. She caught herself humming a variation of one of the songs she'd heard in class yesterday, though she was sure she had the melody off a little bit. Today, she had decided that her mural needed some flowers to go with her stars, and was very carefully painting a vine of sunburst-like flowers going down the wall by her bed.

At some point, she'd probably stop and pick up one of the books she'd snagged from the library handwavily -- she had a few interesting novels for herself, and a couple of books for beginning readers that she wanted to page through. She thought they were cute, but her opinion wasn't the one that necessarily mattered here.

(They were still really cute, okay?)

[door and post open, and feel free to tell her to put her hair away if you live below her or saw it from outside, la!]

Room 322 [Wednesday afternoon]
[☆] oh boy art!
Rapunzel had gotten ahold of some art supplies, finally. It had taken her some time to track down everything she needed, (and all of the pocket money she'd had on her -- not that she'd ever needed money before now, but she always kept whatever coins Mother had left lying around the tower) but now she was happily surveying her side of the room she shared with Anders.

Since today was one of her free days, she had plenty of time to do as she pleased, and this definitely called for a little legwork (so to speak.) She pushed her bed away from the wall and out to the middle of the room, and took a little time to also rig up a few hooks she'd gotten from the hardware store (and wasn't that an experience in itself?) near the window and over where her bed would be replaced.

She looped her hair up through the hooks, testing them, before slinging her hair around her tummy and hoisting herself up along with a palette of colors she thought she might start with. Near the ceiling on her side of the room seemed like a good place to start, if she was going to make this as cozy as her tower, right? Rapunzel was soon deeply absorbed in sketching, and then painting an abstract depiction of a starry sky -- not her floating lights, but just what the stars looked like from her new window here.

Her door was open and she was humming absently as she painted, her hair securely keeping her suspended about six feet up off the ground with the excess length pooling atop her bed. Who needed stepladders, anyway?

[door and post both totes open, la!]


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